Comprehensive Features to Manage your Policies

Distribute Policies and Procedures. Track Compliance. Generate Reports.
Everything you need  included.


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Creative Freedom.

Leverage the powerful design framework of Microsoft® Word or use the HTML editor to create engaging policies and procedures for your employees.

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Import and centralize your documents today.


Version Control

DynamicPolicy's built in version control system allows you to view the content history of previously published documents. See what's changed and view the audit trail for each version.

Distribute and Assign.

No more sending files through email. Assign documents to the groups you want. Users will be notified that they have a new document to review.

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Reporting Analytics

Generate reports for users or groups, and track certification. Send email notifications to users pending to certify a document.

Flexible data export allows you to review the results in Excel for further analysis.

And More

Centralized Repository

On-premises database. Total control of your data located right on your own servers, instead of a remote facility.

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Cost Effective

DynamicPolicy provides the best return on investment (ROI). Now it is even better with our new flexible licensing. Select an annual subscription or the traditional perpetual license.

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LDAP/Active Directory Support

Already have your users organized? Import and synchronize your directory and in an instant all your users have access.

Notifications via e-mail

You don't have to be logged in to know what's going on, get emails directly from the app letting you know if there's something going on.

Multi-language Support

Support for English, Spanish, Portuguese & French interfaces.

Document Search

Browse and search documents by text, title, or document ID.

Personalized Experience

Customize the application with your company's brand. Change the colors, logo, language. You name it.

Document Attachments

Attach additional files to your documents. Built-in support for industry standard file attachments. (.PDF, .PPT, .XLS, etc.)

Quiz Creator

Ensure that important documents are understood by requiring a quiz. View which questions are often missed to improve your policies.

Organized Folders

Use folders to organize documents into logical areas.

Document Relationship Links

Want to reference an existing document? All documents have permalinks which you can share by email, or use in other documents.

Document Audit Trail

Each document's history log provides policy audit trails allowing you to see its stage changes.